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Created on 2009-05-04 01:28:24 (#263765), last updated 2012-01-26 (299 weeks ago)

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Name:When the Seagulls Cry
Location:Rokkenjima, Japan
Posting Access:All Members

Welcome to [community profile] umineko, a Umineko no Naku Koro ni community! Here, you will find art, graphics, fanfiction, discussion, and anything else. Some ground rules:

♔ Don't go off topic! Posts must relate to the series in any of its forms. RP ads are okay, but should be cut if including large graphics.

♔ Cut your spoilers. Not everyone looks ahead and/or is in the same place.

♔ DON'T BE FAGGOTS. Drama and wank can gtfo my internets.

♔ Porn is encouraged welcome! Just make sure it is clearly indicated as not to get someone in trouble at work and/or destroy a child's innocence.

♔ HAVE FUN. yes, this is a rule. I needed an odd number, shut up.

Interests (62):

07th expansion, ange ushiromiya, anime, asmodeus, battler ushiromiya, beato, beatrice, beelzebub, belphegor, bernkastel, black maria, chiyo kumasawa, eva ushiromiya, eva-beatrice, furniture, gaap, genji ronoue, george ushiromiya, hideyoshi ushiromiya, jessica ushiromiya, kanon, kinzo ushiromiya, krauss ushiromiya, kyrie ushiromiya, lambdadelta, leviathan, lucifer, mammon, manga, maria ushiromiya, menon, motion graphic, murder, mystery, natsuhi ushiromiya, occult, rokkenjima, ronove, rosa ushiromiya, rosa-musou, rudolf ushiromiya, runon, ryukishi07, sakutaro, satan, sayo, shannon, siesta00, siesta410, siesta45, siestas, sound novel, stakes of purgatory, terumasa nanjo, the golden witch, toshiro gohda, umineko, umineko no naku koro ni, virgilia, when the seagulls cry, witches, うみねこのなく頃に
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